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Section 8 / Assisted Housing - NEW LOCATION 1146 MARTIN LUTHER KING - DECEMBER 6, 2021

Housing Choice Voucher wait list is closed. All other wait lists are open.

Section 8 is a highly popular rental assistance program that provides affordable housing for low-income families while paying housing subsidies directly to participating landlords. The Housing Choice Voucher Program gives low-income families options; the most important being the freedom to rent a house, duplex, trailer, or an apartment anywhere within the Columbus city limits where the landlord will accept Section 8 subsidy. Although the lease agreement is between the resident and their landlord, HACG subsidizes the resident's rent payments. Therefore, a Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contract exists between HACG and the landlord. The Section 8 Program provides the landlord with guaranteed rent as long as the landlord is in compliance with their HAP contract and the resident is in the unit. For example, if the rent for a three bedroom house is determined to be $550 per month and the client's payment (based on their income) calculates to be $75 per month, then HACG pays the difference of $475 per month directly to the landlord.

Who Qualifies for Section 8?

Qualifying for the Section 8 Program is easier than many people realize. First, an individual or family must earn equal to or less than the following by family size:

Household Size / Income Limits

  • 1 - $20,900
  • 2 - $23,850
  • 3 - $26,850
  • 4 - $29,800
  • 5 - $32,200
  • 6 - $34,600
  • 7 - $37,000
  • 8 - $39,350

What is an HQS Inspection?

Housing Quality Standards (HQS) have been set by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in an effort to improve the quality of assisted housing nationally. Prior to a unit being accepted for Section 8 subsidy, it must pass an inspection which consists of HQS and City codes.


Please be aware that HACG is a Moving - To - Work agency, that limits ports in and out of Columbus to Verifiable employment and/or disability reasons.

HACG is currently billing Section 8 Vouchers. Please call (706) 571-2873 Ext. 2832 for assistance. After you have been approved by your PHA to transfer to Columbus, all paperwork should be mailed to:

The Housing Authority of Columbus, Georgia
Attn: Portability
1146 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.   - NEW LOCATION - DECEMBER 6, 2021
Columbus, GA 31906

Or you can fax your paperwork to:

Attn: Section 8 Vouchers/Portability
Fax: (706) 571-2848

Newest Board approved version of the ACOP and Administrative plan

Cover Letter ACOP 2016 with expanded TOC 08-22-2018

ACOP 2016 with expanded TOC 08-22-2018

Section8 Housing Choice Voucher Program Administrative Plan

Contact Section 8

For your convenience in accessing the Section 8 staff or for additional information, the following listing of the Section 8 Staff is provided. Please feel free to contact them with questions, suggestions, or comments.

Voucher Program Operations Manager

Renee Carmack-Berklin - Ext. 2870



Angela Suggs - Ext. 2833 

Angel Reynolds - Ext. 2875   

Marcus Johnson - Ext. 2874  


Occupancy Specialists

Carolyn Baylor - Ext. 2854

Ingrid Sneed - Ext.2871

Sydney Young - Ext. 2836

Aurora Quarles - Ext. 2877

Sandra Mays - Ext. 2872

Tawanda Torbert - Ext. 2834

Lisa Wilson - Ext. 2841


Administrative Assistant

Selina DeJesus - Ext. 2832







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