Friday, March 31, 2023

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PHAS Scores

The Public Housing Assessment System was created by HUD to evaluate the overall condition of each housing authority in order to obtain results that are objective, uniform, and verifiable. The methodology uses four evaluation tools referred to as PHAS indicators. The four indicators are:

  1. Physical condition                                      Maximum Points - 40
  2. Financial condition                                     Maximum Points - 25
  3. Management operations                            Maximum Points - 25
  4. Capital Fund                                              Maximum Points - 10

Each indicator is separately evaluated and scored for an overall available score of 100 points. Upon completion of the housing authority's independent audit, HUD calculates a score for each indicator. These scores were then accumulated and the housing authority is categorized, based on its overall score, as a:

High Performer
90-100 points overall

Standard Performer
70-89 points overall

Standard Performer
60-69 points overall, additional oversight, Improvement Plan required

Troubled Performer
0-59 points overall, Recovery Plan, Memorandum of Agreement required

There are other parameters that may affect a housing authority's score which were not included in this brief description of the PHAS. But, clearly, housing authorities will strive to achieve the High Performer status.