Monday, December 5, 2022

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Baker Village Phase I (Arbor Pointe I) On-Site Mixed Income Rental Units

Phase I of the revitalization plan consisted of the complete demolition of all 590 units at Baker Village and building a new mixed-income community. The Housing Authority of Columbus, Georgia partnered with Columbia Residential LLC as their developer/partner. There are a total of 148 units in Phase 1. The unit mix for the on-site housing is 18 public housing assisted units, 24 low-income housing tax credit units, 75 project based Section 8 units, and 31 market rate units. This phase had an economic impact of $20,934,171.


CHA CCommons1
Size - 300.8K

CHA CCommons9
Size - 287.5K

CHA CCommons2
Size - 282.4K

CHA CCommons3
Size - 308.6K

CHA CCommons8
Size - 278.5K

CHA CCommons4
Size - 269.7K

CHA CCommons7
Size - 285.0K

CHA CCommons5
Size - 295.8K

CHA CCommons6
Size - 257.1K

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