Monday, December 5, 2022

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Newton D. Baker Village Revitalization Project

Newton D. Baker Village was originally constructed as military housing in 1940/41. It was eventually transferred to the Housing Authority of Columbus, Georgia. It was determined that, based on the cost of rehabilitation, the site would be demolished and replaced with a new mixed-income community. The 590 units were distributed in 169 one and two story buildings constructed of concrete and masonry walls and located on 66.47 acres of land (110 units were public housing units, 281 units were Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation units, 41 units were Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers, and 158 units were market rate units.


CHA CCommons1
Size - 300.8K

CHA CCommons9
Size - 287.5K

CHA CCommons2
Size - 282.4K

CHA CCommons3
Size - 308.6K

CHA CCommons8
Size - 278.5K

CHA CCommons4
Size - 269.7K

CHA CCommons7
Size - 285.0K

CHA CCommons5
Size - 295.8K

CHA CCommons6
Size - 257.1K

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