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Serving Columbus, Buena Vista, Ellaville,
Hamilton, Pine Mountain and Waverly Hall

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2002 HOPE VI Award - Homeownership (Phase 1)

The Housing Authority of Columbus, Georgia partnered with a master developer, Integral Properties LLC, and NeighborWorks Columbus, for the development of 33 new homes for public housing eligible families. Twenty (20) of these homes were constructed in the East Wynnton neighborhood on property donated by the City of Columbus, Georgia. As a result of additional subsidy layering, 39 homes were assisted under the HOPE VI program - 34 new construction and 5 rehabilitated. The total economic impact was $4,292,066.


CHA CCommons1
Size - 300.8K

CHA CCommons9
Size - 287.5K

CHA CCommons2
Size - 282.4K

CHA CCommons3
Size - 308.6K

CHA CCommons8
Size - 278.5K

CHA CCommons4
Size - 269.7K

CHA CCommons7
Size - 285.0K

CHA CCommons5
Size - 295.8K

CHA CCommons6
Size - 257.1K

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