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Serving Columbus, Buena Vista, Ellaville,
Hamilton, Pine Mountain and Waverly Hall

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2002 HOPE VI Award

George Foster Peabody Apartments was the most distressed community of the Housing Authority of Columbus, Georgia (HACG) due to significant, fundamental design and construction flaws that could not be corrected through rehabilitation. Vandalism and drug-related criminal activity had risen sharply on the site. Peabody was constructed in 1940 in an area now known as the medical services area of the City. The 510 units were distributed in 51 two-story buildings constructed of concrete and masonry walls and located on 23 acres of land. On-site parking had a deficit of 546 spaces pursuant to current City code. Storm water drainage systems were failing as evidenced by flooding and standing water long after rainstorms.


CHA CCommons1
Size - 300.8K

CHA CCommons9
Size - 287.5K

CHA CCommons2
Size - 282.4K

CHA CCommons3
Size - 308.6K

CHA CCommons8
Size - 278.5K

CHA CCommons4
Size - 269.7K

CHA CCommons7
Size - 285.0K

CHA CCommons5
Size - 295.8K

CHA CCommons6
Size - 257.1K

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