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Serving Columbus, Buena Vista, Ellaville, Hamilton,
Pine Mountain, Waverly Hall and West Point, Georgia

Ross Program

ROSS Services Program

The purpose of the Resident Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (ROSS) Service Program is to provide opportunities for families living in public housing to identify and work towards life goals. The ROSS program is the connection between the family and the appropriate supportive services necessary to achieve independence. ROSS Service Coordinators assist participants in assessing strengths, needs and aspirations and will guide each family through a service plan which outlines short and long-term goals. Quite simply, ROSS brings together the family with the need and the agency providing the services.

Some of the service connections provided to families include: child care, transportation necessary to receive services, remedial education, job training and preparation, substance abuse treatment and counseling, training in homemaking and parenting skills, training in money management, training in household management; and any other services and resources appropriate to assist eligible families to achieve economic independence and self-sufficiency.

ROSS is a program of informed choices by the family, a "self-directed" approach, under which the family is provided with options and chooses the direction that is best for their particular situation.

Whether you need supportive services to live independently, want to further your education, increase your job skills or are looking for a job, the ROSS program is here to help make your dreams a reality.

For more information call (706) 571-2800.

Neighborhood Network Centers

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) hoped this community-based Initiative would have a profound effect on the lives of public housing residents... and it has! The Neighborhood Networks Program was one of the first initiatives aimed at promoting self-sufficiency and providing technology access to residents living in public housing. Within their own community residents can begin the process of becoming self-sufficient in today's technology-competitive world. State of the art computer labs allow residents the opportunity to embark on journeys of personal growth and educational gain.

Neighborhood Networks

  • Offers adult job-training classes, such as beginning to advanced computer skills, resume writing, interviewing techniques, job placement services, General Educational Development (GED) preparation through MCSD Adult Basic Education program.
  • Presents informational sessions on cutting- edge topics that helps empower residents
  • Provides youth programs with mentoring and educational activities.
  • Operates senior adult programs that allow seniors to become familiar with computers and use them to better their lives, whether through staying in touch with family and friends via e-mail or searching for healthcare.

While residents are the primary beneficiaries of the Neighborhood Network Centers partners and the community are also enjoying the rewards. Local businesses and organizations are often looking for ways to give back to the community whose support is critical to their success.

As a Neighborhood Networks partner, local businesses and organizations:

  • Gain greater access to targeted populations.
  • Help train a potential labor force with skills that meet the evolving needs of area employers.
  • Strengthen community relations.
  • Increase awareness of their organizations within the community.

For more information on how the Neighborhood Networks can help you, please call or visit the Neighborhood Networks closest to you at:

Luther Wilson Homes
Neighborhood Networks Center
718 35th Street
Columbus, GA 31904
Office: (706) 571-2918

Louis T. Chase Homes
Neighborhood Networks Center
120 20th Street
Columbus, GA 31901
Office: (706) 571-2935

Elizabeth Canty Homes
Neighborhood Networks Center
100 20th Avenue
Columbus, GA 31903
Office: (706) 571-2944

E. E. Farley Homes
Neighborhood Networks Center
1901 Nina Street
Columbus, GA 31906
Office: (706) 571-2970

Warren Williams Homes
Neighborhood Networks Center
1002 Wynnton Road, Bldg 301
Columbus, GA 31906
Office: (706) 571-2984

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