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Serving Columbus, Buena Vista, Ellaville, Hamilton,
Pine Mountain, Waverly Hall and West Point, Georgia

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2002 HOPE VI Award - On-site Mixed Income Rental Units (Phase 2)

Phase II of the revitalization plan consisted of the complete demolition of all 510 units at Peabody Apartments and building a new mixed-income community with 40% public housing assisted residential units. The Housing Authority of Columbus, Georgia partnered with Integral Properties LLC as their master developer. The proposed unit mix for the on-site housing was designed to achieve a well functioning community and substantially increase integration opportunities for residents across all income levels. Phase II (Phase I on-site) is comprised of 184 units. The breakdown was 73 public housing assisted units, 37 low-income housing tax credit units, and 74 market rate units: This phase had an economic impact of $19,849,429.


Size - 356.1K

RFQ HACG DEV Chase Homes
Size - 623.8K

RFB- Invitation to Bid
Size - 208.0K

RFP-Master Planning and Advisory Services
Size - 294.6K

RFP-Master Planning and Advisory Services-Addendum #1
Size - 101.7K

RFP- Roof Replacement at O.J.COOK Apartments
Size - 141.4K

RFP-Security Consultant-Technical Services
Size - 1,350.1K

RFP-Wireless Security Camera System West Point Addendum #1
Size - 308.9K

West Point Wireless Security Camera RFP Addendum #3
Size - 11.1K

Size - 920.4K

WW RAD ER 8-step process
Size - 88.2K

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